Weather Shield Windows & Doors Uses State-of-the-Art Painting Process

Truitt & White is proud to carry Weather Shield Windows & Doors, which is utilizing an innovative, advanced finishing system for all of its doors and windows parts. This multi-step Poly Paint Process features state-of-the-art precision technology that results in consistent beauty and provides the most durable finish in the industry.

The Poly Paint Process involves a multi-step process, starting with parts created by a high-speed moulder for a superior smooth finish; a prepping, priming and buffing process to prepare the surface for the final finish; application of two-part polyurethane topcoat yielding a 40-degree sheen; inspection and touch-up if necessary; and assembly and packaging with heavy-duty wrap for a hand-finished product.

To learn more about Weather Shield windows and their poly paint process - check out their YouTube videos at: