Adding insulation is one of the smartest home improvement projects and offers impressive benefits:

  • Increase energy efficiency, lower utility bills.
  • Improve comfort: cooler rooms in the summer, warmer rooms and floors in winter.
  • Make any room quieter by dampening noise.

How to Choose Insulation

Not all insulation choices are equal. Truitt & White carries two proven brands - Johns Manville and UltraTouch - that are among the building industry's most innovative and highest performing. These two brands meet all the criteria listed below.

Here are a few considerations when selecting insulation:

  • Efficiency: Choose batts with the appropriate R value for the application and the size that will completely fill stud bays and other cavities: minimum R-13 for walls, R-19 for floors, and R-30 for ceilings/attics.
  • Health: Many lesser brands of insulation contain formaldehyde, whose emissions can create air quality issues in a home. Choose formaldehyde-free options at Truitt & White. 
  • Recycled material: Help the environment and reduce waste by choosing high-quality insulation made with recycled materials.
  • Pro tip: Don't rush the installation. Improperly placed insulation with gaps, voids, or compressed areas may significantly reduce the effectiveness of insulation. And don't forget air sealing with foam or caulk - a critical complement to insulation!

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About Johns Manville Insulation

Johns ManvilleJohns Manville offers a complete line of certified Formaldehyde-free Fiber Glass home insulation made mostly with renewable plant-based materials. Johns Manville formaldehyde-free insulation delivers the superior thermal and acoustical performance you expect, promotes improved indoor air quality, and creates a healthier and safer home by reducing your overall exposure to formaldehyde. Learn More >



About UltraTouch

UltraTouch InsulationUltraTouch Denim Insulation is one of the greenest and highest quality insulation choices on the market. Manufactured from 80% post-consumer recycled denim, UltraTouch batts are a natural-fiber alternative to fiberglass insulation. UltraTouch is easy to handle and safe for you and for the enivronment: no itch, chemical irritants, and no VOC emissions. Learn More >




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