LaCantina Doors

LaCantina Doors

Remodels are changing with the times. Today homeowners expect their remodels to not only improve the look of their houses, but also the function, energy efficiency, and comfort. Truitt & White is proud to offer products that reflect these industry trends, including LaCantina Doors, a respected brand that has recently been added to the Truitt & White lineup.

Renowned for its innovative door system solutions, LaCantina Doors satisfy the remodeling market's current demand for balancing energy performance and aesthetics.

Available in folding, sliding and swing door systems, LaCantina doors can replace entire walls with banks of retractable glass doors that maximize views, minimize electricity use, and create new sources of passive solar gain. 

Using the same signature door profiles across their entire product line, LaCantina Doors provide a perfectly matching door package. Coupled with improved natural daylighting and fresh air ventiliation, architects, homeowners and builders are now free to innovate their space with high quality, performance, and value.

"LaCantina door systems are exceptional at accentuating views and capturing natural light," said Truitt & White's Christine Thatcher, a LaCantina specialist. "For Bay Area remodeling projects that are focused on creating strong indoor/outdoor relationships, the various LaCantina models can be key to dazzling and substantial transformations."

The New Contemporary Clad System

One of these models, the LaCantina Contemporary Clad system, is now on display at the Truitt & White Window and Door Showroom. Strikingly clean and narrow, the Contemporary Clad features a 2 15/16" stile and rail profile that channel outdoor light and emphasize view orientation.

Boast style without compromising performance. Featuring aluminum exterior designs combined with warmth of a wood interior, the Contemporary Clad complements any architectural style and window package.

Perfectly proportioned, the Contemporary Clad's narrow stiles and 2 1/4" thick panels provide a beautiful aesthetic and increased thermal performance, resulting in an energy efficient system that meets stringents energy code requirements.

Suitable for both residential and commercial projects, these doors truly reflect a contemporary style with an exclamation point on progressive green design.

Since offering this product to our clientele, the Truitt & White team has seen the dramatic effect that LaCantina Doors can have on a residence. "One of our customers in Danville has a spectacular view of the Diablo Valley, and they really wanted to bring the outdoors in," said Thatcher. "LaCantina was the right choice for this project because they wanted to highlight the view orientation with a full wall of glass. The home required custom heights and widths, but because this is one of the company's specialties, LaCantina was able to beat out the competition in terms of both price and quality."

Dual glazed tempered glass is standard on all LaCantina Door systems and feature low-E glass for better energy performance. Along with a wide range of additional glass options, LaCantina systems also provide custom wood and FSC certified wood options. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) cerfitication ensures the materials are sourced from responsibly managed forests. To find out more about LaCantina Doors, a product line that defines a true outdoor lifestyle experience, visit the Truitt & White Window and Door Showroom. 

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