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Windows & Building Materials Company in the Bay Area

Truitt & White has a reputation built on trust, experience and successful partnerships.

In the building materials industry, your reputation is only as good as the services you provide and products you offer. When it comes to the San Francisco Area, one name comes up time and time again as the professionals' number one choice - Truitt & White. When you drive onto the Truitt & White campus you can see why. Our 8 acres house a lumber yard, hardware store, warehouse, and showroom areas,  each staffed by a knowledgeable team that specializes in serving the needs of professional builders and homeowners alike.    

Since 1946, Truitt & White has been the Bay Area's go-to source for high quality building materials, valuable information, and unmatched customer service. George Truitt and Robert White founded the Truitt & White Lumber Company to serve the San Francisco Bay Area. They met while serving in the US Navy, where they were both assigned to the material procurement department. It was there they learned about the San Francisco Bay Area, and most important, the opportunities in the growing community.

Over the next several decades, the company continued to grow and prosper through dedication to innovation and customer service, and today, Truitt & White is a leader in the San Francisco Bay Area building materials industry. Truitt & White continues to stay true to our roots, as we're now a 3rd generation family run business now with a 4th generation pitching in. Our strong desire to continually improve, while retaining those tried and true elements that make us Truitt & White, is still alive and a source of pride for all of us.  Our customers rely on us for every project, from start to finish, and we deliver. We even have families that have been coming here for 3 generations, and nothing means more to us than loyalty like that.

This is where it all starts - from the smallest repair projects to complete remodels to new custom homes. And the more our customers, both homeowners and professionals, know before they begin, the more confident they feel about their projects. That's why we continually host and sponsor a variety of fun and informative events and seminars.

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