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Home Moulding, Trim & Siding located in the Oakland, Berkeley and Bay Area 

Since 1946 we have helped transform spaces with beautifully crafted architectural mouldings and exterior sidings and trim. Your home should be a place of comfort and inspiration and a true reflection of the way you live.

There are many great reasons for installing wood moulding and trim in your home, whether you want to showcase your home's unique style or you are replacing windows and doors and you want to compliment the architectural design of your home we have many choices and profiles to select from.  Our mouldings and siding collection represents the best and most complete inventory in the Bay Area, including Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified radiata pine.

We stock a wide range of patterns from them most basic bevel casing to the hard-to-match patterned siding. We also specialize in special orders and mill set-up to provide you with an endless selection of moulding and siding patterns to choose from.

From the floor to ceiling, moulding can define a room. Allow our wide range of moulding to accentuate your style as we have the mouldings and trim that will make your project stand out!

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