Installation, Finishing & Maintenance Instructions

Installation & Maintenance

To ensure proper installation of your window or door it is recommended that you review the maintenance and finishing instructions. Below, we have provided several door manufacturers' website links to their preparations, finishing, and maintenance instructions.

In addition to specific door manufacturer information, it is important to note that all doors require a high quality finish applied to all 6 sides (front, back, top edge, bottom edge, and both side edges). Please consult with your painting professional on recommended door preparation, finishing, and maintenance procedures.

Marvin and Integrity Windows & Doors

Milgard Windows and Doors

Simpson Doors

TM Cobb

TruStile Doors

Pakari TMD 

Rogue Valley Door

Truitt & White Lumber cannot supervise the installation, finishing, and the periodic maintenance required of purchased doors or pre-hung door units. Truitt & White Lumber will not be responsible for poor workmanship involving the preparation of the opening in the building and of the functional and appropriate use of weatherization flashing systems in conjunction with the installation of either a door or a pre-hung door unit.