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Truitt and White's retail store is a hidden gem in Berkeley and I am writing to thank the person who works in the fastener department. A very knowledgeable sales person, which is a rarity in today's retail environment, he took the time to show me deck screws and a counter sinking tool that worked to reduce cam out. As a result of his assistance, I was able to drill and drive the screws into my deck boards. I greatly appreciated his help.

Alice Buchanan

I needed a replacement part for an older Marvin window. Eric and the young lady in the receiving department were able to help me find the part that I needed. I had also recently ordered a part for a different Marvin door and Truitt and White was able to order the parts that I needed. I've dealt with other suppliers in the past and the customer service here is "heads and shoulders" above the others.

Richard M. Alameda, CA

The Truitt & White service team was amazing! They were friendly, professional and very easy to work with. I love my patio doors! I would highly recommend them.

Laura Alameda, CA

Only high quality products. The best lumber in the east bay. Save time and energy by buying here. Service is top notch. Drive up to your materials and they will load it. (Help them if you can lazybones). Small footprint so no long walks. Please don't go here. I want this place all for myself.

Shawn H.

The level of service @ Truitt & White is superior! My fiance and I went to several other lumber companies before, looking for interior doors & baseboards. Not a single one could answer our questions or give us general information on different options. All we got was look through this catalog of a couple hundred doors and let me know what you like. We had lost hope and really had no clue what we were going to do for our doors. As soon as we walked into Truitt & White, Terrace introduced herself and got right into helping us. Within minutes we had a better idea of what door style we liked. After we left, Terrace sent a follow up email with the door we discussed and has been an exceptional at answering our questions, via email, since. We are getting ready to order our Shaker style interior doors and could not be more thrilled! If you are a home owner looking for any lumber products, I strongly recommend Truitt and White! They will make your project so much easier! We are first time home owners in Oakland and will use Truitt and White for all of our projects!

Zachary C.

If you are a homeowner looking for any lumber products, I strongly recommend Truitt and White! They will make your project so much easier! We are first time homeowners in Oakland and will use Truitt and White for all of our projects!

Z. Curliano

"Muy buen lugar Buena atencion." (Very good place good attention)

German Pulio

"Knowledgeable staff, quality goods."

John Gruninger

"Only high quality products. The best lumber in the east bay. Save time and energy by buying here. Service is top notch. Drive up to your materials and they will load it...Small footprint so no long walks. Please don't go here. I want this place all for myself ;-)"

Shawn Hanna

All the staff was very friendly and helpful in answering my questions about decking materials and setting up accounts, and they are definitely taking lots of social distancing and general COVID safety precautions. Thanks!

Julie B.

I can't say enough about Van & Jim I usually go to economy lumber and Ashby lumber for my windows and wood supplies - fortunately today neither had the part I needed so I ended up going to Truitt & White. I didn't realize Truitt & White works with smaller projects like mine (I'm not a contractor I'm a handy home owner). When I arrived the young lady at the front desk got me right where I needed to go (no waiting). Van (Vanzuela McDanies) was the representative who helped me. Van greeted me and let me know she'd be right with me (she was dealing with 2 other people on the phone). As I waited I saw Van comfort a customer, take very technical details from a manufacturer and ask questions that help expedite everything - this was before she helped me. Then she helped me... Van asked a couple questions, located what I needed and actually walked me to the warehouse to confirm parts were in - wow!!! Unfortunately, the part wasn't where it was suppose to be - but Van didn't give up. She spoke to everyone as she passed - good thing she did because we met Jim. Jim was just as personable. He says hold on let me check another area. The first area he checked he didn't find the parts then he checked 2-3 other places - it was like Van & Jim had to win the day - and they did - they found the parts. All this took 30-45 minutes Van and Jim put Truitt & White in a class by itself. Oh yeah they told me about classes T&W offer to teach installation among other things. Great experience!

Michael W.

Having worked at a lumber store growing up, I have a strong appreciation for service and quality. I have been forever critical of large box stores because they lack both service and quality. T&W not only had a great selection of high quality hardware, the service I was given by Juan was outstanding -- kudos Juan!

Matt D.

We had very difficult job to replace 11 windows in our house, and to fix the dry rot around the outside of the windows, replacing the trim on the interior and exterior. James went over every type of window we would need and was super patient, even after I changed my mind several times. We were lucky to have Ken Gillett do the extensive work to our house. He is a gem! I loved how he works with precision and is a perfectionist! He had his team do the stucco work around the windows and then created beautiful trim around the windows, matching the 1926 style of our house. After a day's work, he left the house clean with furniture put back in place. He got all the right permits for the job. His communication skills were outstanding, always letting me know when he or his team would be arriving and what to expect. No surprises or delays or no-shows. He even came back to do tiny touch-ups or extra work to make the trims perfect. We love our new windows! Thank you James and Ken!

Camilla P.

I worked with Joe Carliq to select and estimate windows for a home remodel. He was very patient while we looked at various options and price points. I left with a comprehensive quote for all the new windows and was very happy with the final price as well as all his help. I was very impressed with his knowledge and the showroom had everything we talked about so I could touch and fell it all. Thanks Joe.


Truitt and White is the real thing, a full lumber yard with a huge selection of lumber and plywood you cant find anywhere else, hardware, tools, and tons of custom order fittings, windows and doors and just about everything else you would hope to find at a Building Supply outlet. The staff is very knowledgeable, the yard and store is neat, uncluttered and well organized, and its only a very short wait for expert help with building materials sourcing and construction know how. I believe they are the best resource for builders in the entire East Bay.

Tony D.

After my she-shed was broken into and all our family's bikes were stolen, I called around to order a new secure door. Truitt and White was on my list and they were the ones I made my purchase from due to one reason: James Esver!! He is truly the best, most patient, personable, kind person. During many follow up calls, he always knew me by name, always followed up promptly, always gently reminded me to do pesky things like sign order forms, and was on top of the details like choosing the right lock set and keying the locks, etc. His positive nature and energy always brightened my day! Now if I can only get someone to install the door.... it's trickier than I thought!

Sahra H.

Truitt and White has repeatedly gone above and beyond with our customer service. They ordered and delivered a spare part for our new doors when our contractor absent-mindedly cut before measuring. They replaced our door gasket free of charge under warranty. Sam came to our home and adjusted our doors so they would work properly (without destroying the gasket) and he even removed and re-installed our handles for both of our Marvin clad doors. This undoubtedly protected our investment and gave me peace of mind that the doors would be a pleasure to use for years to come. All that for free!

Sam went above and beyond to help us and I really appreciate it. It is rare to find so many people on staff (Glen, Angela and Sam) who are competent and efficient.

Truitt and White is an amazing company. We look forward to doing business again in the future.

C. H.

We purchased all of our windows and a large slider for our home. They were very professional and easy to work with. They have a list of installers and ours was awesome. Easily saving 50% over anyone else. (Don't be fooled by the buy one get the second one 50% off from Anderson windows.) For example, our slider with side glass is 12 feet wide, our price for a top level unit was $3500 plus installation and Anderson Windows 'discounted' price was $13,000 for an inferior option.

Doug F.

Sam and Allen of Truitt and White did a great job fixing our Marvin door and Marvin lock. They arrived on time (five minutes early in fact), introduced themselves and explained their process, went right to work on the door, replaced the broken lock box. They answered each of my questions and Sam even replaced the old, worn out weatherstrip, as well as give me tips on fixing a different (non-Marvin) door. All Marvin parts were under warranty, so there was no cost for typically expensive Marvin parts. Very professional work, work ethic and attitude. And, bonus, they're genuinely nice guys, too.

Sunena S.

I am a homeowner doing big DIY projects, often for the first time (kitchen reno, closet rebuild, sunroom siding rebuild and now deck rebuild). For years, I have been coming to Truitt and White for their high-quality products and EXCELLENT customer service in all departments: lumber, hardware, and paint.

I hardly write a review but I signed up because I want to just let other yelpers know how great the people that work here.
Not only friendly and helpful but also very knowledgable about their products and go out of their way to help you succeed in your projects. This is a long review.

For instance, Juan at the paint department is a magician. He had saved me on more than one occasions. Once I bought a gallon of white paint (as you probably already know, Benjamin Moore White also has some other color pigments in it). After using about 1/5 of the can, I changed my mind and wanted the paint made into a different color. Juan was able to mix the color I wanted using the remaining paint instead of making me by a new can of paint! I was completely blown by his amazing eye and skill with paint mixing. How about this one (which inspired me to write the review). A couple days ago, I bought two quarts of BM paint at OSH in San Rafael but OSH had mixed them badly (the mixed paint was darker than the sample by at least 5 shades!) I stopped by Truitt and White to see if Juan can fix the color as he is the paint-magician. Again, Juan with his highly-sensitive eye for color saved the day! The paint is now the color of the sample as it should have been. Juan could have easily sent me to San Rafael to get OSH to fix their mistake. But, he graciously chose to help me. THAT is an outstanding customer service!!

Then, there is Joe in Lumber department and David in hardware. They are so helpful and generous with their info and guidance, especially since we are definitely inexperienced in our projects that we have taken on.

Terrence and the guys in the lumber yard will happily help you pick the best lumber out of the piles. Really super group of people!

For a DIY like myself, this place is like a candy store with the nicest people to help you complete your project beautifully and well!

I love Truitt and White. I would give them 10 stars if there is such a thing on Yelp.

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Christine E. Piedmont, CA

Phenomenal store. Much better than big box option. Helpful knowledgeable staff, matched some really old flooring I was looking for.

Jared S.

Truitt and White does deserve 5 stars. I read many of the reviews, and certainly some poor ones seem justifiable. But for the great majority of the 100's of times I've gone there I've been very satisfied. Let's remember this is a LUMBER YARD. They have great stock of lumber, trim, decking, Windows, doors, etc. The staff serving you in the lumber yards are totally competent and helpful. One can't expect those folks to know that much about the product, they are there to help you find it and load it. As to the Door and window department, they are quite knowledgeable, but do realize that this area has a lot of things to be decided. You can't expect to go in and get a definitive answer to every small question. As to the tool department? Again, it is a lumber yard. MOST such don't carry much. Truitt and White carry a LOT of the high end brands, and provide service on them too. Their prices on such aren't even bad as compared to most. As to the other hardware, etc, they have some of the best. Their pant department is certainly not huge, nor intended to compete with the specialty paint suppliers. Yet it is run extremely well, by folks that have been there for decades.
Sure, I'm sure that sometimes you might ask a question that someone doesn't know the answer to, or even that they seem unhelpful, but the great majority of the time, there IS someone there that knows a LOT about the topic and is extremely helpful. I've been a customer there for 40 years, true, but not a customer who is in there so often that all the service reps know me. I'm still treated extremely well. They treat their employees pretty well too, as can be understood because so many of them have been there for decades also.
They had a fire about 16 months ago, and only finally in Jan of 2019 are re-opening the main store. (While the fire was not so large, there were issues with the permits that took forever I believe). The new store is much changed, and I'm sure it will be a while before it is operating smoothly again, but again, there is no other Lumber Yard that offers everything that T&W offer. There ARE some other good ones, but each is unique and T&W is not worse than any other, and better than most.
Remember, their primary customer is a contractor. They thus more easily can serve those folks. They DO however make a great effort to serve the non professional customers.

Paul K.

This store has a very knowledgeable staff! If you want personal service that you can not get in the big box stores, this is your place. I want to acknowledge Joe C. for all his help and expertise. He really came through and gave a 5 star customer service!

Diane A.

Experts at doors and locks!!! I bought a used multi point door that I find out was European and not allowed to be sold in USA due to export restrictions or something like that. Jeff Van Horne was an expert and researched it and found an American company that was our last hope or we would have had to tear out the entire unit! Jeff helped us get the special lock we needed and saved our door. Also recommended a wonderful kind professional locksmith named Sam Austin. He was amazing!

Juliet K.

This is my second attempt at posting a review. After failed attempts to hire someone to repair the broken cranks on my old windows I finally contacted Truitt and White. Earlier this year I was assisted by staff via their website to purchase needed replacement parts for my 35 year old windows. I sent pictures and measurements and the exact parts needed arrived. After a failed attempt to contract with someone to replace the parts I again returned to Truitt and White. They sent Sam who promptly replaced the parts and advised on how to maintain the remaining windows. Fast forward to today. Sam returns to provide some maintenance to remaining windows. Prompt and they are working as good as new, except one, and a new part is ordered. Great Service and price is right.

James K.

Truitt and White is a long standing institution in the East Bay. The quality of the lumber is good. The systems they have set up for loading and getting you out of the office and the yard are exceptional. The people they have working there are extremely knowledgeable. They know the products and have a good inventory control to keep you from running all over the yard trying to figure out if they stock or are out of a product. I highly recommend Truitt and White for professionals and homeowners as well.

Jamie C.

I've been buying materials at T&W for years. Their floor sales staff is knowledgeable and highly competent. Example: On a recent visit the parts I was looking for were out of stock. Maurino, the person in charge of restocking them happened to be standing right there. He took my contact info and said he'd let me know as soon as the parts were back in stock. I heard back from him later that day with a delivery date. That's the kind of service you're not going to get at HD and is why I shop at T&W.

Chris T. Berkeley, CA

Top shelf supplier of Marvin and Integrity Windows. marvin.com. Highly recommended to the trade and to homeowners alike. Reputable and a staple in the San Francisco Bay area.

Patrick W Martinez, CA

Fantastic customer service by Van in the service dept. I have been working with two other Marvin referrals for a month and I still did not receive any information despite sending photos and repeated emails and phone calls. Van called me immediately after I submitted my request on the website. She found the part, found out it was one under warranty and is shipping it to me the same day. Amazing !!

Karen A. Oakland, CA

Truitt and White is a long standing institution in the East Bay. The quality of the lumber is good. The systems they have set up for loading and getting you out of the office and the yard are exceptional. The people they have working there are extremely knowledgeable. They know the products and have a good inventory control to keep you from running all over the yard trying to figure out if they stock or are out of a product. I highly recommend Truitt and White for professionals and homeowners as well.

Jamie Carlen East Bay

These guys really know their stuff. I've been a builder in the Monterey area for a long time and now that I have found them I will not be going any where else. I worked with Jack and he came out to my jobsite and was so efficient. The amount of window and door knowledge in his brain blew me away. I can not recommend them enough. My homeowners and I both loved their Marvin showroom. I will be taking all my clients there to pick out windows.

Thanks again for the excellent customer service, see you on the next one.

Keith Stone Monterey

hey have great service and the staff is fantastic. They are all very welcoming, friendly, and super helpful. The windows are beautiful and they have unique options to choose from. I highly recommend for everyone to use this company.

Lorin D. Monterey, CA

I love this place. Today I walked in with a broken door handle in hand and the woman who greeted me knew exactly what part I needed, showed me how to install it, helped resolve a second issue I had with a window, and sent me on my happy way. All under warranty.

I bet she thought she was just “doing her job” (and admittedly, my enthusiasm - and the hug I gave her - might have seemed over the top) but extraordinary customer service that makes life EASIER and resolve PROBLEMS is rare. And she did it without making me feel like an idiot.

I also bought a house full of doors and windows from these folks 7 years ago and love them. Awesome product.

Thank you Truitt and White, design gallery staff, and especially, thank you Elizabeth.

Stacy W Oakland, CA

MDG Berkeley is the “go to” location for windows, doors and hardware in the East Bay / Contra Costa County. Christine Thatcher assists during our design phase with detailed product knowledge; she listens to complicated detail questions and responds with design appropriate solutions. Quotations are timely; and the company's service during install is extraordinary. If any issue might arise, no matter how small, it is dealt with in a timely fashion.

Mark Pearsall has developed an unique education program through the MDG that provides professionals and contractors with current product, code and business information. Their sponsorship of the Architect Cafe series throughout the Bay Area allows the community to interact with design professionals in no fee consultations.

Elbert Associates Lafayette

We are Design/Build firm and have enjoyed the products, materials and services offered by the professional staff at Truitt and White for over 25 years. If Truitt and White sells it, Truitt and White backs it up.

Building codes, materials and products, particularly windows and doors, are constantly changing. We have relied on the expertise of Truitt and White to provide us with the up-to-date technical and product advice we need to stay competitive and provide our clients with first-class service.

Melissa Thorn Lafayette

"I just want to share with you how delighted we are with the Marvin French doors we purchased through you. My wife is thrilled. They make such a big difference in the dining room. I wish we had done it much sooner!"

John M.

"I know I'm not the easiest customer in the world. My experience with Truitt and White started with an in-depth product specification comparison with another reputable vendor. T&W, along with the product experts at Marvin convinced me of the superiority of their product, a decision that I'm happy I made - especially after smooth installation and the great result my painters achieved in staining the raw pine interiors. Truitt and White was patient as I labored over each design decision and carefully guided me to choices that really enhanced the character of my California Ranch.

I am pretty picky, and there were some areas where I felt perfection was not delivered, but T&W, along with BMD, their distributor, went to great lengths to correct any issue that arose. They made it crystal clear in their words and actions to convince me that their only goal was my 100% satisfaction with the product and the complete success of my project. I love the way the Marvin windows look and perform. And probably most importantly, I take comfort in the feeling that in the years and storms ahead, that if any problem was to arise, that the team of Truitt and White, BMD, and Marvin will stand by me and continue to keep me and my family warm and dry and our home looking beautiful."

David Carmel

"Thank you for the opportunity to visit the Architects Cafe. Ken Hansen was a tremendous help in designing my outdoor space. He knew exactly which plantings and features would look fabulous and be funtional in all areas of my yard."

Jean Lafayette

"Best Lumber Yard in the world. No questions. Best people, best product. Outstanding on all fronts. Consider that Berkeley is a very demanding populace and the best builders in the area all shop here. Some may buy tools cheaper at other places but theirs tools are acutally fairly priced and they have a terrific selection of bits, blades and everything you need. The real reason to shop here is that the staff are superlative. They will make sure you leave with the right stuff and that's worth a LOT. They're smart and won't rush you. A++"

Matt Berkeley

"I have always loved this place, but I never knew how much until I moved away from the bay area. They are all so knowledgeable, kind and friendly. Since I no longer live by them, I now have to spend hours on the Internet to figure out my home improvement project solutions. Truitt and White is a real gem, with workers who can offer expert advice from lots of experience. If you live in the bay area, make sure you check them out."

Katie Santa Cruz

"We came here looking for crown molding on the recommendation of our contractor. Truitt & White has a great selection of both wood and pre-primed crown mouldings. We quickly found a style that we liked and were pleased to learn that it was less expensive than the limited selection of primed crown at Home Depot. Good service, too."

Shauna Oakland

"I am a designer and I needed some items to help me measure floor leveling, room sizes, stud finding, joist and that all so important SIMPSON WOOD CONSTRUCTION CONNECTORS CATALOG for cripple wall design. These guys not only had what is the standard connectors but had what contractors use to make the job stronger and built faster. They help give you what you need to do the project correctly, and safe."

Tito Emeryville

"This place is number one in the east bay! I been buying Lumber from these folks over 30 years now, they never let me down! If you want A pro behind your order Talk to these guys. Most of the time, they go out of their way to help you.

Your Truck can be pulled to any location where your lumber is, and they will load for you. They do deliveries, on time and they place it were you want it, not on the curb."

Carlo Oakland